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our clients


Academic Institutions

Seeking practical commercialization through stronger engagement with companies and investors

Building in the city center

Infrastructure Leaders

Seeking to partner with academic institutions and companies in technology hubs


Companies and Investors

Seeking to engage efficiently with academic institutions, health systems and startups


Economic Development and Government

Seeking to build economic development networks, and regional community and economic health

Our clients are regional leaders seeking systemic, consortium-based approaches to deep tech innovation. BEP helps build strategy, relationships, and programs that create value across innovation districts and regional ecosystems. We have deep experience and networks in the life sciences, through our approach is applicable to may deep tech sectors.

we enable our clients' unique visions for success


BEP serves as a strategic partner providing experience, outside perspective, and strategic thinking; and an execution partner delivering hands-on support and coordination, to accelerate launch.  

Thereby, BEP clients position and distinguish themselves as innovation organizations leading long-term and value-creating/sharing regional and/or networked consortia.

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